Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 11: The Wedgeling

Moth of the Week

The Wedgeling - Galgula Partita (#9688)
Forewing: 12mm
Also reported in Zones 3,5,6

  While birding I have become familiar with the acronym LBJs (Little Brown Jobs) for those drab and relatively unmarked critters that flit out of the bushes and dive back in before you get a chance for a really solid look.  In winter moths they are just about all LBJ's.  The one advantage is that many times they will sit still long enough for you to get a decent look.

  This particular LBJ has been quite common at my porch light since about mid-November.  With a forewing measuring a mere 12mm it is on the small end for a Noctuoidea moth.  Even though the coloring of the wings is highly variable, anywhere from a light tan to a deep maroon, the dark spots located on the costal margin has, thus far, been diagnostic.

Other Moths This Week:

Withered Mocis - Mocis marcida (#8744)
Forewing: 24mm
Also reported in Zones 3,6

This species is distinguished from the other Mocis moth because the red PM line does not extend all the way to the inner margin of the forewing.

Large Necklace Moth - Hypsoropha monilis (#8527)
Forewing: 20mm
Also reported in Zone 5

White-dotted Prominent - Nadata gibbosa (#7915)
Forewing: 25mm
Also reported in Zone 5

Rosy Maple - Dryocampa rubicunda (#7715)
Forewing: 20mm

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