Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 15: Curve-lined Owlet

Moths for the Week

Curve-lined Owlet - Phyprosopus callitrichoides (#8525)
Forewing: 16mm
Also reported in Zone 3
While this uncommon moth may have a distinctively bulbous forehead, its caterpillar is truly other-worldly.  Check it out on

Boxwood Leaftier - Galasa nigrinodis (#5552)
Forewing: 8mm
Also reported in Zone 3, 6
These funny little moths are one of my favorites.  Like somthing out of Alice in Wonderland, they look like a tiny coffee table with eyes and a nose.

Sooty-winged Chalcoela - Chalcoela iphitalis (#4895)
Forewing: 10mm
Also recorded in Zones 3,4,5
I've gotten pretty good at identifying moths down to family by sight.  But even when I recognize a moth I find putting a name to it can be an arduous task.  Thank goodness for Browse By Family on MPG.

Scoop Net
So far I have focused my attention on nocturnal moths which are relatively easy to catch.  I simply wait at the porchlight or blacklight and when a moth stops for a moment I collect it in a specimen jar.  However, I hope to catch some day-flying moths, specifically I want a Snowberry Clearwing.  To this end I made myself a simple scoop net.   I formed a frame by twisting two coat hangers together.  Add a little duct tape around a branch, a large pillowcase, and a handful of binder clips; now I have a crude but effective scoop net.  Out of pocket expense:  27 cents for the pillowcase at the local Hospice shop.

It may not be the fanciest net, but I have already caught a few butterflies to photograph.

 American Snout
Question Mark

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  1. I've seen Boxwood Leaftier - Galasa nigrinodis (#5552) in Zone 6 (Houston). Saw and photographed it in March.

    Great website! Just found it. Really helpful too that it focuses on Texas, and shows what others have seen nearby.