Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 3: Lithophane Complex

Moth of the Week
Lithophane Complex

Early this week I found a moth at the porchlight that I did not recognize but seemed to be fairly well marked for identification.  A quick scan through the Walking Through the Families at MPG got me heading towards the right family.  But jumping over to I hit a major roadblock.  Apparently there are several species that even DNA barcoding is insufficient to confirm identification to the species.

Lithophane ex. #1

Lithophane ex. #2

I am tentatively labeling this as Lithophane laticinerea (#9914) based on range since the other species in the complex appear to be limited more to the Northwest portion of the country.
Forewing: 23mm

Other moths this week:
Eastern Panthea - Panthea furcilla (#9182)
Forewing: 27mm

Forage Looper - Caenurgina erechtea (#8739)
Forewing: 18mm
The dark bands on the forewing are not connected distinguishing this from Clover Looper (Caenurgina crassiuscula)
Fawn Sallow - Psaphida styracis (#10016)
Forewing: 15mm 
Gray Half-spot Moth -Nedra ramosula (#9582)
Forewing: 15mm

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