Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 4: Tip Moths

Moth of the Week
Adana Tip Moth - Rhyacionia adana (#2877)
Forewing: 6mm
When I was growing up my grandfather ran a Christmas tree farm.  I remember working the field all year long; trimming, painting, and spraying for tip moths.  I would walk through the trees looking for the telltale brown tips on a branch, pluck it off and tear it open to find the caterpillar inside.

As with most of the micromoth families there are more species than are recorded in MPG or, but Adana Tip Moth is the closest match of the species listed.  Maybe in the not-to-distant future as mothing gains interest among amature naturalists we will fill in some of the holes in our knowledge and be able to more accurately identify these little gems without having to dissect them.

Other moths this week:
Packard's Wave Moth - Cyclophora packardi (#7136)
Forewing: 13mm
Celery Looper - Anagrapha falcifera (#8924)
Forewing: 16mm
Lineodes interrupta (#5108)
Forewing: 12mm
Note: The Eggplant Roller (Lineodes integra) shows a dark "C" shape on the wing

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