Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 5: Green Cloverworm Moth

Moth of the Week
Green Cloverworm Moth - Hypena Scabra (#8465)
Also reported from Zones 3,5,6

If the Green Cloverworm were a bird it would have to be a starling.  They are gregarious, ever-present and to be honest rather homely.  I have tried on several occasions to get a good picture of one and they just never seem quite symmetrical.  One wing is invariably shorter than the other.

The Hypena genus has a considerable number of species represented in the U.S; 19 according to  Fortunately this includes the genus formerly known as Bomolocha which are generally broader winged and more boldly patterned than the Cloverworm.  Of the species most similar the Cloverworm most are limited to the West Coast or southern Florida.  One species that is fairly widespread and similar to the Cloverworm is the Hop Vine Moth (Hypena humuli).  The key to distinguishing the Cloverworm is a thin dark bar about halfway up the forewing on the inner margin.

Other Moths this week:
Zale intenta (#8713.1)
(Recently split from Bold-based Zale)
Forewing: 21mm

Gray Wooly Moth - Lycia ypsilon (#6652)
Forewing: 18mm
Also reported from Zones 3,4,5,6

Yellow-striped Armyworm Moth - Spodoptera ornithogalli (#9669)
Forewing: 16mm
Also reported from Zones 3,4,5,6

Variable Sallow - Sericaglaea signata (#9941)
Forewing: 20mm
(Note the pale sub-terminal band)

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