Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 8: Bagworm Cocoons

Moth of the Week
Evergreen Bagworm Cocoons - Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis  (#457)

In Shreveport this past weekend I found a small Eastern Red Cedar infested with Bagworm cocoons.  On a quick inspection I counted over 100 cocoons on a single tree.  There were many places where 3 to 5 cocoons were hung on a single twig.

Bagworms are one of a handful of species that build a protective shell around their cocoon.  They carefully take small pieces of twigs and bind them together giving the exterior of the cocoon a cone-like appearance.  

Other Moths this week:
Filigreed Chimoptesis - Chimoptesis pennsylvaniana (#3273)
Forewing: 8mm
Also reported from Zone 3

Titian Peale's [Pyralid] Moth - Perispasta caeculalis (#4951)
Techincally this moth is no longer classified with the Pyralid moths; it is now considered a Crambid.
Forewing: 10mm

Black-dotted Brown Moth - Cissusa spadix (#8592)
Forewing: 20mm
Also reported from Zone 1

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  1. My neighbors tree is full of theses are they bad in any way?