Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 7: Bilobed Looper

Moth of the Week
Bilobed Looper - Megalographa biloba (#8907)
Forewing: 18mm
Also reported in Zones 1,3

   False eyes are a common method of defense among lepidoptera; it is perhaps at its peak in the Silk Moth family but not limited to them by any means.   The Bilobed Looper's false eye may not be quite as flashy as an Io Moth's but it is unique and seems to me to have an almost feline quality to it.  For the full effect see a pinned speciman at MPG.

While the unique eye may be diagnostic for this specific species, it would be criminal to fail to mention their exquisite crest.  The entire Plusiinae Subfamily sports a wide variety of wild and crazy head adornments. 

With their fancy do's and iridescent patches these fellows must be the punk rockers of moth society.  Rock On Loopers!

Other Moths This Week
Confused Woodgrain - Morrisonia confusa (#10521)
Forewing: 18mm

Red-winged Sallow - Xystopeplus rufago (#9942)
Forewing: 15mm
(The wings seem to flair out near the apex giving this moth a bell-like sillhouette)

Roland's Sallow - Psaphida rolandi (#10014)
Forewing: 18mm
Also reported from Zone 3
(Much like its kin the Fawn Sallow, this moth is relatively unmarked except for its great hair.  You can faintly make out a partial orbicular circle just above the median line on the costal edge.)
White-headed Prominent - Symmerista albifrons (#7951)
Forewing: 20mm
(Three species of Symmerista moth were once considered a single species; they are currently considered indistinguishable by photograph alone.  I believe this S. albifrons based on range and the 'S' shape of the matriculations in the subterminal band

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