Moth Questions [Beta]

The more I study moths the less I feel like I know.  However, if you have a question post it here and I will see if I can provide something resembling an answer.  If you have a photograph you can send it to jasonpike1980[at]; please measure the forewing if possible.


  1. Hello! I have had many Four-spotted Palpita moths in my house (in San Marcos) since about April 20. After seeing a picture of one on your site, do you know what the caterpillar and adult host plants are? This moth is beautiful and I want to have return next year. Thank you for any help you can give!

  2. I could not find specific information on Four-spotted Palpita, but internationally Palpita moths are pests of Oleacea plants such as Jasmine.

    I also found refernces to Palpita moths feeding on oleanders and cotton.

  3. Hello, I found an interesting looking moth (sadly) dead in my windowsill. it's got an almost completely right angled wingspan with two tail like trailers (one off the back of each wing). there are four black tipped orange spots on the back middle end of the wingspan. white head and the strangest part is this spiky plum of what looks like this

    Unfortunately I only have a low quality phone picture to offer but it's just the most interesting looking one I've seen and I was wondering if you could maybe at least point in the right direction?

    Thanks a bunch! Love the great pictures and descriptions!

    1. I can't find anything that seems to match your description. If you will email me the picture you have it would help.

    2. I have an outdated phone and I can't seem to figure out how to connect it to my computer :/ how sad. Was a very good looking specimen.

      The weirdest parts about it were the tail-like feature coming off the back of either wing and that spiky white plume of what looks like hair behind its head between the wings... never seen another with those features, though I don't do any moth watching really

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