Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 22: The One that Got Away

 The Almost Moth of the Week
When I got to school the other morning I spotted a fairly large Catocala moth sitting on the wall under one of the security lights.  In the midst of another slow week I was glad to see this moth and headed in to grab a specimen jar.  However, before I could get to the door a scrawny little Chipping Sparrow jumped up out of the grass by the wall, grabbed my Catocala moth and took off.

A few luckier moths that I caught before the birds did.

Beloved Emarginea - Emarginea percara (#9718)
Forewing: 8mm
Also reported in Zone 3

Painted Lichen - Hypoprepia fucosa (#8090)
Forewing: 15mm
Also reported in Zones 3,5

Notch-winged Wave - Idaea furciferata (#7108)
Forewing: 7mm
Also reported in Zones 1,3,4

Once Again, Not a Moth
One of my co-workers brought me this one this week and it is too cool not to share.

Eastern Hercules Beetle - Dynastes tityus

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