Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week 21: Summer Slump

Things have been really slow this week just a few moth of note this week.

Magdalen Underwing - Catocala illecta (#8840)
Forewing: 30mm
Also reported in Zone 5

Washed-out Zale - Zale metatoides (#8707)
Forewing:  21mm
This species has a partial ST line and a grayish band at the basal end of the wing as best as I could tell from the information available.

Tobacco Budworm Moth - Heliothis virescens (#11071)
Forewing:  14mm
Also reported in Zones 3,5
This species is distinguished from the similar H. subflexa where the ST line runs to the apex of the wing.

While the moths have been slow this week I have had some very interesting beetles at the lights this week.  The first one looked like a cricket but was patterned like a wasp.  With a little bit of research I have identified it as a Longhorn Beetle in the genus Neoclytus.
N. mucronatus

Another Longhorn Beetle that visited the lights this week, while colorful, can be a vector for Dutch Elm Disease.

Elm Borer - Saperda tridentata

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