Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week 19: Underwings

Moth of the Week: Catocala Underwings
An incredibly striking family with rather drab forewings and boldly marked hindwings.  There are more than a hundred Underwings in the US but only about 30 are likely in East Texas.

Ilia Underwing

Clinton's Underwing
Precious "Texarkana" Underwing

Connubial Underwing

Connubial Underwing
(Note the brown ST band)

 Ultronia Underwing

Using information available on BugGuide and MPG I have compiled a quick reference of the most likely Underwings in East Texas based on size, season and hindwing color.

Hodges Name Forewing Season Hindwing Color
8770 The Betrothed 25-35mm June-September Orange
8771 The Penitent 35-45mm July-November Orange
8772 Consort Underwing 25-30mm January-July Orange
8773 Epione Underwing 20-25mm June-August Black
8774 Little Wife Underwing 25-35mm May-July Red
8786 Sappho Underwing 30-35mm May-July Black
8787 Aggripina Underwing 35mm May-July Black
8792 Widow Underwing 35-45mm July-October Black
8793 Sad Underwing 40-50mm April-November Black
8794 Tearful Underwing 30-40mm July-October Black
8795 Oldwife Underwing 30-35mm June-October Red
8798 The Bride 35-40mm June-September Red
8801 Ilia Underwing 30-40mm June-September Red
8801.1 Catocala umbrosa 20mm April-August Red
8832.1 Carissima Underwing 35-45mm July-October Red
8834 The Sweetheart 35-45mm July-September Red
8835 Delilah Underwing 25mm May-September Orange
8840 Catocala illecta 30mm May-July Yellow-orange
8842 Married Underwing 20-25mm June-September Yellow
8849 Gloomy Underwing 20-25mm May-August Black
8850 Herodias Underwing 25-30mm June-August Red
8851 Scarlet Underwing 20mm May-August Red
8857 Ultronia Underwing 20-30mm April-September Red
8859 Precious "Texarkana" Underwing 20-25mm May-June Orange
8863 Wonderful Underwing 20-25mm July-August Orange
8864 Woody Underwing 20-25mm June-August Orange
8869 Alabama Underwing 35mm May-August Orange
8872 Clinton's Underwing 20-25mm May-July Orange
8873 Similar Underwing 20mm May-July Orange
8874 Little Underwing (minuta) 20mm May-September Orange
8876 Little Underwing (Micronympha) 15-20mm May-September Orange
8877 Connubial Underwing 15-20mm May-August Orange
8878 Girlfriend Underwing 15-20mm May-August Orange
8878.1 Little Lined Underwing 15-20mm July-August Orange

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  1. Great website. It's good to see what is seen elsewhere around the state for comparison. And the new Underwings data above is very helpful, along with the sizes and months seen.

    I've started a blog myself for moths seen more southerly, near Houston:

    I'm still wrestling with it a bit as to formatting, etc.